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Focused on quality: Couromoda goes to the floors of Brazilian factories with the Fashion Factory project

Having innovation grounded in its DNA, Couromoda launched the Fashion Factory, a project developed in partnership with important footwear industries  in Brazil and seeks to further enhance the relationship of the fair with industrial production and domestic  retail market.
Several fashion editorials are being produced on the ground floors of factories throughout Brazil and convey some of the manufacturing environment to a new audience, focusing on product quality and skilled labor that develops the best of fashion footwear in the country.

Twenty factories are being photographed at this early stage of Fashion Factory and the very first series was held at Carrano, women's footwear industry located in Dois Irmãos, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, and was highlighted by top model Laura Crushiel, from Joy Models.

As of November, the photos of the other brands will be on promotional material  of the Fair in the Trade media, on Instagram + Facebook and in the Couromoda 2017 promotional e-letters in Brazil and abroad.

During Couromoda, that will  take place from January 15 to 18,  the Fashion Factory Exhibition, will be on with the 100 most outstanding photographs showing models, industries and their marketing and product development departments. The show within the fair will be inaugurated on Sunday, January 15, at 06:00pm, at the Expo Center Norte in  the city of São Paulo.

BRANDS PARTICIPATING  in the first phase:
# Albanese
# Anatomic Gel
# Bibi
# Bottero
# Capodarte
# Carrano
# Cecconello
# Cravo & Canela
# Democrata
# Dummond
# Ferracini
# Jorge Bischoff
# Malu
# Pegada
# PG4
# Radamés
# Usaflex
# Via Marte
# West Coast
# Smart Bag and  Cavalera



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